What is 3D Printing?

What is 3D Printing?

   3D Printing, also called additive manufacturing, is the action of creating a physical object from a three-dimensional computer design. This type of manufacturing reduces waste compared to subtractive manufacturing. 

FFF/FDM 3D Printing 

    Typically when people think of 3D printing they think of FDM (Fused deposition modeling) or FFF (Fused filament fabrication) printing.  This type of 3D printing is done by laying down thin layers of material in order to create the final product. The material traditionally used is thermoplastics but there are now printers that will print other materials such as metal and concrete.
Resin/SLA 3D Printing
 Resin or SLA (Stereolithography) printing is completely different than FFF/FDM printing. When it comes to 3D printing with resin it is done by exposing a layer of resin to a UV laser. The resin then hardens and the object is built layer by layer, upside down, until it is complete. 


Why would anyone want to 3D print?
We cannot speak for everyone but here are a few reasons we know of:
1. It is less wasteful and therefore better for the planet. Additive manufacturing only prints what is necessary to create the design while subtractive manufacturing cuts the designed object from a block of material. 
2. 3D printing can be relatively inexpensive and more cost-effective. Because of this, we are able to offer affordable prices for custom items instead of just running to the store and grabbing the same thing everyone else has. 
3. The technology is useful and we expect it will be even more useful in the future so learning it now will be beneficial. 
4. It is hella fun! There is little that compares to the joy we receive from 3D printing for our family, friends, and customers. 
There are a ton more reasons but we can talk about them in another blog in the future 😉
Bottom Line:
3D printing is awesome and the technology, while having been around for a while, is still quite new and there are more developments all the time. 
If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to us on social media @contrive3d or email us at contrive3d@gmail.com
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