Do you 3D print and want to reduce your footprint on the planet?

If so, don't throw away your scraps, fails, supports, brims, skirts, rafts, or blobs!
We will recycle them and keep them out of the landfill.

Contact us at or through the contact form below for information or questions on where to ship the recyclable filament or to schedule a local pick up.

Are you a small business that wants to collect PLA filament recycling for us in your shop?

Contact us at or through the contact form below and we can discuss that possibility!

Reasons to get involved:
You are helping reduce the footprint that 3D printing can have
We provide the containers to collect all of the PLA scraps
We work with you to set a collection schedule that is convenient for you
This effort can drive more traffic to your store
You are given discounts for custom items for your business
We will list you on our website as a collection site

Let's keep as much of this waste as possible out of the landfill!!

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