Easy Sweep: A Game-Changer in Skimmer Detection for Businesses Big and Small

Easy Sweep: A Game-Changer in Skimmer Detection for Businesses Big and Small

In the ever-evolving landscape of retail, ensuring the security of customer transactions is paramount. Skimming devices on PIN pads pose a significant threat to the integrity of financial transactions, potentially compromising sensitive information. This week we are talking about the Easy Sweep: Skimmer Detection for Verifone MX915 Pin Pad Terminals. The design was created and patented by Target and they are giving the STL to any business that wants to take the step to protect their customers. This is where Contrive3D comes in! 

We are here to print these devices for you and your business. We offer multiple material options including PLA, PETG, and ASA. We also offer multiple post-processing options with supports attached and support removal available. Plus, you are in the driver's seat and can add customization with lettering and symbols while also choosing your preferred color which can keep it on brand! All of these options are newly rolled out this year. For those of you who used us last year, we will be sending the new pricing tiers out in January 2024.

Things to keep in mind: 

  1. We understand the need for security and how time-sensitive it can be so we always upgrade your order to rush ensuring we get it out as soon as possible. A typical order of 1500 takes us less than 10 days from order to shipped/delivered. 
  2. We offer free delivery for our security clients when they live in the Lubbock area. We will even deliver out as far as Littlefield. 
  3. 3D printing makes customization more attainable and allows for changes to be made on the fly without the need to create a brand-new mold which can get expensive. 
  4. 3D printing is made-to-order additive manufacturing so you can rest easy knowing that we are not wasting a bunch of plastic creating these before they are printed. 
  5. With 3D printing you can test these out and make changes and modifications for a significantly lower price than if you needed to make changes to an injection mold mold. 
  6. 3D printing is typically more expensive, per unit, than injection molding. 3D printing does not require the need for an injection molding mold though which can be expensive in itself. (Keep an eye out for a blog about this next month)
  7. Choosing 3D printing instead of injection molding keeps the money in small businesses which is good for the economy plus it makes us do a happy dance every time! You don't get that with a corporation. 

Now, why would your business need these devices?! In short: the growing threat of skimming. Skimming devices have become increasingly sophisticated, posing a serious threat to businesses and their customers. These discreet tools are designed to capture sensitive information from debit and credit cards, often leading to financial loss and reputational damage. Small businesses, in particular, are vulnerable due to the limited resources and may lack access to advanced security solutions. 

Contrive3D aims to empower businesses with a long-lasting, cost-effective, and efficient solution that safeguards both customer trust and financial well-being.

As the threat of skimming continues to evolve, businesses need reliable and advanced security measures to protect their customers as well as uphold their reputations. To help with this, Contrive3D has also created other designs to fit different PIN pads. If you have one you would like a skimmer detection device for, let us know and if we do not have one created for it we can get one designed for you. We do not edit the Target Easy Sweep design for these, we start from scratch. 

To inquire about getting one for free to try or having a different model created you can reach out to us anytime here
To purchase filament to print your own, click here.
As always, check us out anytime at contrive3d.com 

Safeguard your business.
Protect your customers.
Invest in devices that demonstrate your commitment to security and stay one step ahead in the ongoing battle against fraud. 

Image from: freepik.com 
Image by: kjpargeter
Original Easy Sweep Design by: Target

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